Vertical Screw Screen - VSC

Vertical Screw Screen Compactor

The ELIQUO HYDROK Vertical Screw Screen with compactor is used for solid-liquid separation and combine two operations; filtration and compacting.

The Screen includes a screen basket of either perforated plate or wedge wire which acts as the filter and is directly connected with a wastewater inlet pipe. Screenings are transported into a compacting/de-watering spiral screw that can be provided with a chute or a bagging system.

The vertical screw screens are used to pre-treat any type of wastewater, whether municipal or industrial.

Pre-treatment screen for wastewater


  • Wastewater treatment works and pumping stations
  • Municipal wastewater for sludges and grindings
  • Paper mills
  • Food industry
  • Slaughter houses

VSC Screen

Vertical screw screen with compactor