Tipping Buckets

Self-regulating storm tank flushing

Eliquo Hydrok Tipping Buckets are often used to clean our Static Peak Screens. Its’ simple design and adaptability make it an ideal solution for screen cleaning in areas where site access may be difficult.

Placed directly above the screen, the bucket can be filled with any available water including rain water, final effluent or potable water.

In addition, the Eliquo Hydrok Tipping Buckets are also used for storm tank cleansing situations and are tailor made to meet requirements.

Operating principle

When the water reaches a set level, the bucket overbalances and a torrent of water floods over the screen. This means that pressure or flow rate is never an issue. Not only does this completely clean the screen, it also has the benefit of washing the benching and flushing the chamber stopping any build-up of rags and debris which could cause a blockage within the sewer network. Each metre of Eliquo Hydrok Tipping Buckets contains 50 litres of water which makes them a very efficient method for screen and sewer tank cleaning.

In summary

  • Cleansing of Static screens
  • Cleansing of Mechanical screens
  • Sewer flushing
  • All Stainless Steel construction
  • Not affected by pressure or flow
  • Bespoke sizing
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Maintenance free
  • Retrofit available

Tipping Buckets

Manual or automatic mechanical cleaning technology