Tertiary Filtration

Hire the ELIQUO HYDROK Pile Cloth Media Filtration system

The ELIQUO HYDROK-Mecana range of Pile Cloth Media Filters are available to treat flows ranging from 3 l/sec to 250 l/sec in stainless steel tank units, the standard size for hire is 3m x 4m.

Each hire unit is made in the HYDROK factory and transported to the required location for easy connection and rapid operational action.

(An additional UV/Ultrasound disinfection can also be included in the outlet pipe should this be required.)


  • Tertiary Filtration for TSS reduction downstream of humus or secondary settlement tanks (<5mg/l TSS achievable)
  • Tertiary phosphorus removal in combination with precipitation/flocculation - bespoke design for Ptot consent from 1mg/l to less than 0.1mg/l
  • Micro-pollutant ‘Priority Substance’ removal
Mecana Package Treatment Plant hire


For more information on Tertiary Filtration click the link below