Syphon Flush

Automatic sewer flushing

With increasing demands upon sewer maintenance budgets, the ability to maintain a comprehensive flushing regime in sewers with slack gradients can become increasingly difficult. Siltation within sewerage networks can lead to reduced hydraulic capacity, flooding and odour problems.

The Syphon Flush flushing system is a highly effective cleaning system for small bore sewers up to 400 mm diameter and can be arranged as follows:

  • Water supply connected via road gulley, so that it operates during wet periods, to maintain silt flushing.
  • Water supply controlled by 'time controlled valve' to operate in a controlled manner, in dry weather conditions.

In summary

  • Cleans ecologically, without external power, without complicated controls
  • The Syphon Flush uses the syphon principle, and allows a 'drip' feed to charge the system
  • Flushes once the pre-determined level has been reached
  • Manual/Automated operation
  • Water volume can be varied, upon chamber design. This is to suit sewer needs / size
  • Suitable for retrofit into existing sewer systems
  • Suitable for SuDS and Clean Water applications

Syphon Flush

Automatic sewer flushing even with low flows