Surface Water Management

SuDS for a changing environment. An integrated approach to surface water design problems, which equally consider quality, quantity and amenity aspects.

Sustainable urban drainage systems (commonly known as SuDS) offer an alternative approach to traditional drainage. SuDS employ a suite of techniques to effectively manage drainage at source, all of which aim to detain run-off and release it slowly into watercourses or to the ground. Source control techniques are also increasingly popular - such as the use of porous (as opposed to impermeable) paving and 'green roofs'.

Traditional drainage practice is designed to move rainwater as rapidly as possible from the point at which it has fallen to a discharge point, at a watercourse. The use of SuDS to reduce levels of diffuse pollution and flooding is rapidly becoming more widespread in the UK as local authorities see the benefits for water quality and flood management.

SuDS provide an integrated approach to surface water design problems, which consider quality, quantity and amenity aspects equally.

ELIQUO HYDROK are committed to offer engineers a suite of integrated solutions for water control and storage systems engineered to provide the total solution “Treatment Train” from screening and filtration of surface water to the storage and control of flows back into the water course. The Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) provides a framework for the protection, improvement and sustainable use of all water bodies within the environment, from source to sea. The aim of the directive is to protect and improve the water environment, which includes the prevention of deterioration of aquatic ecosystems where possible, restoring the quality of ground and surface waters damaged by pollution, water abstraction and engineering activities.

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