Surface water screening and separation

The downstream water courses may be protected by installing an ELIQUO HYDROK SUDScreen unit. When installed upstream of any SUDS system, the SUDScreen unit protects the receiving system from fine solids and debris that would otherwise accumulate overtime, rendering the SUDS non-operational.

The ELIQUO HYDROK SUDScreen separation and screening technology produces a non-blocking screen that retains harmful debris safely.

Fine solids and debris screening for SuDS

How it works

The ELIQUO HYDROK SUDScreen technology offers a highly efficient separation of settleable solids and capture of floatable material from storm water entering a SUDS storage system.

The addition of the SUDScreen provides protection of the receiving water course from exposure to pollutants, protection of the storage system from sedimentation and protection of any flow control device e.g. an ALPHEUS Flow Regulator, from potential debris blockage.

All materials captured are retained during high flow conditions. Neutrally buoyant particles are captured which can contain high levels of phosphates, heavy metals and hydrocarbons.

In summary

  • Rapid Installation: Comes in self-contained manhole that has BBA approval. Just connect inlet and outlet
  • The unique non-blocking design takes advantage of indirect filtration and properly proportioned hydraulic forces making the unit virtually unblockable
  • The unit has no moving parts and is fabricated of durable materials and therefore has very low maintenance costs
  • The technology remains highly effective across a broad spectrum of flow ranges
  • Effectively captures more than 95% of solid pollutants


Separation of settleable solids and capture of floatable material