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Tipping Buckets- the CWF alternative

Self-regulating controlled water storm tank flushing

The ELIQUO HYDROK CWF technology offers an efficient and cost effective alternative to the normal Tipping Bucket where storm tank cleaning is required. A traditional tipping bucket continually drip fills until it reaches tipping point to flush on a continuous cycle throughout the year, the CWF will only operate when it needs to, immediately after a storm event. The CWF can be utilised at the end of any length tank as an alternative to the traditional tipping bucket set up.

Whereas the tipping bucket system needs a separate supply of water to fill all year around, the CWF uses the storm flow in the tank to fill and wash, so no separate water supply is required. The only moving part on the CWF is the non-return valve, which is an easily interchangeable off- the-shelf item which is quick and easy to replace. A tipping bucket is a heavy lumbering machine which has over time many points of failure. The CWF needs very little maintenance because of the few moving parts and when compared to the tipping bucket, it is a much quieter operation that happens less frequently.

Controlled Water Flushing lane installation
Controlled Water Flushing lane

Operating principle

The CWF Storm Flush is a simple method for sediment removal. Storm water is held in reserve in the storage reservoir, filled during the tank filling process during a storm. At the end of a storm event and after the system has emptied, the retained flushing water is released via the vacuum break within the flushing vessel. This creates a RFP (Roughing, Fine and Polishing) staged flushing regime which mixes and carries the sediment from the base of the tank to the receiving sump.

In summary

  • No power requirement, or controls
  • No external water supply requirements
  • Only operates when required after a storm event
  • Suitable for new tanks and retrofit to existing tanks in place of tipping bucket
  • Reduced noise and frequency when compared with a traditional tipping bucket
  • Flushes even after partial fillings
  • Fully self-priming and flushing operation
  • Can be used in rectangular, square and circular Tanks
  • Suitable for both open and below ground installations
  • Only one moving part
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Utilises storm water for the flushing process
  • Final flush polishing stage utilises settled storm water
  • Synchronised flushing of multi-unit installations within larger tanks
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for unscreened flows
  • Offsite manufacture and minimal on-site installation

CWF ‘Lane’ Storm Flush

Self-regulated, non-powered sewer tank flushing technology
CWF - Controlled Water Flushing