Storm Tank & Sewer Cleansing

Effective non-powered and powered flushing systems

During times of rainfall the sewers within the network systems become surcharged with combined sewage and storm water. In order to protect the Wastewater Treatment Works from shock loads and also reduce the discharge frequencies over the CSOs, engineers are required to design and install storm water holding tanks and tank sewer pipes.

These storage systems hold the storm flows and act as “buffers” within the networks releasing the water held back onto treatment once the storm event has past. During the times of storage, the sediments held in suspension within the stored water will settle and form a layer of sludge on the tank floor.

The ELIQUO HYDROK CWF Storm Flush and other tank cleansing systems within the portfolio for rectangular, round tanks and sewer channels provide a proven flushing system for the removal of this sedimentation. 

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