Flood protection system

With the risk of flooding and subsequent damage to property increasing, cost effective systems for flood protection are required for private and commercial property owners. The Eliquo Hydrok StopLog system was developed to replace the outdated and labour intensive "sand bag" method of property protection, to provide a robust, efficient, easy to install flood barrier, simply fitted along highways, into door openings, warehouse doorways etc.

The StopLog systems that Eliquo Hydrok supply are for major municipal and industrial applications either as a permanent or temporary solution to managing surface water issues. However bespoke smaller scale commercial versions are available also, tailored to the localised conditions and applications that can effect businesses and domestic situations.

In summary

  • Cost effective, lightweight flood protection system
  • Simple to install
  • Special system of sealing creates leak free flood barrier
  • Constructed to maximum flood level
  • Lightweight StopLog sections can be easily handled and stored
  • StopLog clamping system locks into position during use
  • Can be constructed to suit any width
  • Suitable for retrofitting into existing locations
  • Suited for private and commercial applications
  • Reference sites throughout Europe


Adaptable, permanent or temporary solution for areas liable to flooding