Wastewater Screening and vortex separation

Sewage Snails are becoming a major nuisance in the Wastewater Treatment process creating serious operational problems downstream within aeration basins and secondary clarifiers. The continued improvements to process treatment technologies are creating an ideal habitat for these pests, whose shells can cause major maintenance problems as they breakdown to form an abrasive grit leading to pump and equipment damage.

The ELIQUO HYDROK Snail Separator Screen utilises a specifically designed adaption of our wedge wire technology in a 3mm version and utilised to create screening drums set within stainless steel ‘vortex’ chamber. The chambers are then used to separate the snails and their shells out of the flows collected within a ‘snail screen sump’. The required design flow to treatment will be passed through the ‘snail screen’ chambers without the requirement of power.

Sewage snail screening and separation

Operating Principles

Water and pollutants enter the system and are introduced tangentially inside the vortex separation chamber forming a circular flow motion. Floatables and suspended solids are diverted to the slow moving, centre of the flow. Negatively buoyant solids settle out to an undisturbed sump chamber below. The water flow passes concurrently through the separation screen mounted above the vortex chamber. Floatables remain within the central “scum board” at the water surface and are retained within the screen.

In summary

  • Effectively captures more than 95% of solid pollutants
  • Rapid Installation: Comes in self-contained chamber. Just connect inlet and outlet
  • The unique non-blocking design takes advantage of indirect filtration and properly proportioned hydraulic forces making the unit virtually unblockable
  • The unit has no moving parts and is fabricated in Stainless Steel, therefore has very low maintenance costs
  • The technology remains highly effective across a broad spectrum of flow ranges
  • All materials captured are retained during high flow conditions. Neutrally buoyant particles are captured

Snail Screens

Vortex screening to separate the snails and their shells out of the flows