Screening & Water Treatment

Tailored screening solutions to meet the requirements

The treatment of water discharging from sewers into our rivers has been and continues to be a large investment for all UK Water Companies. AMPs 2 & 3 saw legislation applied to Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) consent discharges and the introduction of CSO screening technology, further consents into AMPs 4 & 5 include the protection of our shell fisheries. ELIQUO HYDROK have invested in the development of well proven wedge wire screening technology and have supported the UK water companies in the design and installations of reliable, cost effective and low maintenance screening solutions. This section of our portfolio describes the two ELIQUO HYDROK screens, MecMex and Peak Screen along with other screening products in the portfolio.

CSO screens protect receiving waters from sewer discharges; however, further pollutants may be discharged from surface water systems carrying debris from roads and pavements along with foul water from incorrectly connected house waste systems, we have other screening technologies to help address these situations. 

Our Range of Products