Screening & Treatment

SuDS Screening & Treatment

ELIQUO HYDROK can offer surface water treatment products engineered to remove particulate debris from storm water run-off flows before they re-enter the natural water course.

Developers are charged to maintain the natural balance when constructing on brown and green field sites. Water flowing from new roofs and car parking areas etc must be retained and discharged back into the natural surroundings without adding detrimental impact to the surrounding area.

ELIQUO HYDROK have developed a range of products to screen and filter the storm water flows to remove fine sedimentations, floating contaminants and debris which may contain harmful heavy metals and oils etc. prior to the storage facility. The ELIQUO HYDROK SUDScreen, a surface water screen is located prior to the storage and removes sedimentations without the need for power or operator intervention. The removal of the debris not only maintains water quality discharging back into the receiving watercourse but also protects the storage system from deposits of sedimentations and the outlet flow control unit from blockage.


Products include