Rotary Drum Screens

Rotary Drum Screw Screen X-SRD

X-SRD screens with or without compactor are used for solid liquid separation for high flow rate and combine two operations: filtration and compaction. They feature a screen basket; this may be either perforated plate or wedge wire and acts as a filter.

The machine is usually installed inside a channel of suitable width, however may also be supplied installed within an ELIQUO HYDROK stainless steel package receiving tank.

Operating Principles

The screen basket rotates with the transport screw to pass the screening debris into a transport section that ends with a compacting/dewatering module, provided with a chute or a bagging system. A shafted screw conveys the screenings to the compacting/dewatering section where both the volume and the weight are reduced (up to 40%).

The standard X-SRD rotary drum screen is supplied with one single gear motor to provide the drive to the screw and to the drum, Alternatively, the X-SRD.D can be supplied with two independent motors, one motor to drive the screw and a second motor to drive the drum. The dual motor solution is recommended in the case of high solids presence in the effluent to screen, this leaves the drum totally independent with no obstructions which could represent a problem for the free passage of the screenings.

In summary

  • The cleaning mechanism is composed of a washing spray bar on the external surface of the drum that cleans the drum meshes
  • X-SRD and X-SRD.D can be supplied with a wide range of accessories
  • Screen washing stem: to reduce organic matter present in the screenings with more than 90%
  • Heating Tracing for installation in cold climates
  • Bagging unit to install on the screening discharge to receive washed and dewatered screenings

X-SRD Screens

High flow rate solid-liquid separation, filtration and compaction