Penstocks and Control Valves

A range of ancillary products for water management

ELIQUO HYDROK Penstocks are a tailor-made solution to control and isolate flow. Each unit is custom made from high grade Stainless Steel and can be constructed in any size to suit specific scheme requirements which can help reduce on site time and cost when retrofitting into existing chambers etc.

Every ELIQUO HYDROK Penstock can be supplied with standard reverse ACME thread and with a standard valve key fitting.

Float Control Valves

Control valves for limiting the outlet flow from a tank or sewer using a float controlled slide gate. As the level of flow rises the control gate closes, limiting the downstream flow. Similar, to the ALPHEUS-VO mechanism, but without the control cam that gives the ALPHEUS-VO its accuracy of control.


Limiting flows of combined and waste water from storm-water retention tanks, storm-water tanks, tunnel sewers - easy installation, wall or flange mounted.

Other Products

  • Flap Valves
  • Non-return Valves

Miscellaneous Hardware

Ancillary product solutions