Off-site Construction

Speeding up installation, a cost-effective solution

The growing Water Industry requirement for 'off-site' manufacturing in order to reduce; 'on-site' health and safety risk, speed up installation time and in many cases to reduce disruption to the general public whilst also helping to reduce 'on-site' costs, fits perfectly with the ELIQUO HYDROK approach to the design and bespoke manufacturing of engineered solutions for the industry.

Stainless steel fabrication has always been a part of the ELIQUO HYDROK service delivery and is used for our CSO screens. The more recent requirements have seen complete stainless steel chambers with the MecMex or Peak CSO screens pre-installed enabling a simple installation process to be introduced. Similarly, an 'off-site' manufacture of storm tanks with Tipping Buckets built in the factory within supporting frames and delivered for simple quick installation is another option. The CWF Storm Flush 'Flushing Bell' systems are all made in the ELIQUO HYDROK factory, delivered and installed ready for operation.

CSO and flushing systems manufactured off-site for ease of installation

In a similar way, the ELIQUO HYDROK Wastewater Treatment Processes solutions can be tailored to the needs in the factory, delivered and installed. An ELIQUO HYDROK-Mecana pile cloth media filtration tank can be built and installed as a complete unit. The same principle applies to the HY-SAF package treatment plant using the IFAS system. Where aeration solutions are required the fine-bubble diffusers can be in-built into frames ready to be lowered into the tanks and connected. If the IFAS route, combining diffusers with cloth media filtration, is the best solution then the IFAS cages system can be utilised as for the retrofit for Thames Water at Deephams. All the IFAS cages are built at the factory as concertina systems for ease of delivery which then open up to full size when installed. This makes installation an efficient process and reduces the number of deliveries to the site as more can be fitted on a lorry.

Aeration, Tertiary, Primary Filtration units a IFAS cages and package treatment manufactured off-site for faster installation