Tipping Buckets for Scottish Water

ELIQUO HYDROK working closely with Ferrier Pumps; designed, manufactured and installed 2 of their Tipping Buckets at Mauchline WwTW for Scottish Water. The bespoke designed Tipping Buckets are each 5 metres long with a 2,800 litres capacity and were installed early summer in 2 tanks, 6 metres wide x 24 metres long.

ELIQUO HYDROK Tipping Buckets at Mauchline for Scottish Water

Manufactured in Grade 304 Stainless Steel, the ELIQUO HYDROK Tipping Bucket range provides a solution to cleanse tanks once they have been emptied by discharging a flushing wave along the tank floor. The flushing wave removes the sediment and transports it into a sump at the end of the tank which then feeds the sludge back into the sewer network via pumps or gravity. Tipping Buckets may be installed within new or existing open or closed tanks with flushing lane lengths of up to 50 m, longer tank lengths may be addressed with the use of the KS Flushing Gate systems.

ELIQUO HYDROK Tipping Buckets installation
Bespoke designed and manufactured ELIQUO HYDROK Tipping Buckets

The ELIQUO HYDROK Tipping Buckets consist of a specially designed cross-sectional form which ensures the automatic tipping and release of the flushing wave and the automatic return of the bucket to the start position without the requirement of external power or operator intervention. Flushing water is fed into the bucket either from the final effluent from the works or from a potable water supply, ether manually or fully automatically via a ELIQUO HYDROK Tipping Buckets control centre.

Bespoke, adaptable with specific design benefits:

  • Effective cleansing of new build or existing storm tanks
  • Bespoke sizing
  • Maintenance free (sealed for life bearings)
  • Stainless Steel construction (Grade 304 or 316 available)
  • Tank lane widths up to 16 m
  • Tank lane lengths up to 50 m
  • Multiple buckets for larger tanks
  • Combined operation to cleanse storm screens and storm tank during a single flush

For further information on the ELIQUO HYDROK Tipping Buckets or any of the other Storm Tank Flushing systems in the range visit or contact: Simon Wallis, Technical Director: send email



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