Promotion into the Water Premier League

Dave explains: “Our discussions with Eliquo with regards to their technologies lead to the consideration of the next water industry AMP period. We’d already considered our own aeration products, looked at adding to our CSO range, as well as enhancing our Mecana and phosphorus recovery technologies. During this planning phase, we identified sludge (biosolids) treatment as an important part of our future strategy – sludge treatment and the cost of disposal is becoming an increasing challenge for the water industry.”

“We realised that we needed to learn a great deal more about sludge treatment technologies and are now in a perfect position with the technical support from our colleagues within the Eliquo Water Group. We met up to discuss possible ways of working together and realised that Eliquo’s sludge treatment portfolio suited our plans, offering, as it does Thermal Hydrolysis – converting sludges from wastewater to energy and minimising sludge production.”

While the company was already highly successful in the UK, becoming part of a larger, international organisation, has provided what one might term as the missing piece in the jigsaw, as Dave explains: “In the past, we have had challenges with some clients, due to our size. We had taken on larger and larger contracts, however, there was always going to be a limit, as we didn’t have the financial resources necessary to underpin the multi-million-pound projects. Our acquisition by Eliquo has resolved this problem overnight. Eliquo has a ‘shiny’balance sheet and a supportive owner, plus multiple industry contacts.

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