Installing Flow Control Regulators

Regularly working with developers and architects within the construction industry, Eliquo Hydrok supply and install simple and complex flow control systems and solutions for both surface water run-off, SuDS and foul water requirements.

The systems conform to EA specifications and can be provided with ‘stepped’ control curves, this allows and enables for increased discharge rates with increased water levels. In some cases, a number of units can be incorporated in the design specifications enabling optimisation and utilisation of the water storage capabilities within the network.

By working closely with Consultants and Developers when considering the drainage area and the run-off storage assessments/calculations, Eliquo Hydrok can offer specific solutions that may; reduce storm water storage attenuation requirements, minimise excavation, reduce capital expenditure, reduce H&S risks and maximise potential storage capabilities within existing or new assets.

A recent example of a planned approach was on the A14 highways project near Cambridge where 7 flow control units with ‘stepped’ control flow curves were all installed within bespoke control chambers and mounted on stainless steel bulk head walls, linked to detention ponds receiving run-off form the road and surrounding area.

Another installation, for Wessex Water, replaced an existing unit that had been failing at Pond Head STW, utilised an ALPHEUS-AT automatic de-blocking half dry unit, which allows for variable flows with fine adjustment on the outlet. Eliquo Hydrok continue to work with Wessex Water to deliver other units like this one which was also installed for them at Woodborough Road.

Future installations include systems for Thames Water at Coxtie Green Road and Bellway for Anglian Water,

For further information on the Eliquo Hydrok Flow Control Regulators contact Steve Tomlinson, 01726 862000 or visit the website to see what is in our portfolio.



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