First ELIQUO HYDROK CWF Storm Flush in Ireland

ELIQUO HYDROK has a dedicated Area Manager, covering both Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland, with proof of the company’s commitment to both NI Water and Irish Water demonstrated by recent orders for products from the extensive Wastewater Management Systems portfolio.

Irish Water and their contractor, Coffey Construction (I) Ltd have opted to install an ELIQUO HYDROK ‘Flushing Bell’ – CWF Storm Flush at the Upper Liffey Valley Sewerage Scheme project. The innovative ‘Flushing Bell’ storm tank cleaning system requires no external power, water supply, is self-regulating and requires minimal maintenance; the collected storm water itself becomes the flushing water. Coffey will be installing an ELIQUO HYDROK 3m x 3m H316 Stainless Steel 'Flushing Bell' storm tank cleaning system in a newly constructed storm tank at Monread Pumping station, Co. Kildare. This will be the first installation of the 'Flushing Bell' in the Irish Water industry and is consistent with the commitment by Coffey to progressing sustainability within the water industry.

CWF installation after flush
Stainless Steel constructed tank flushing system

Northern Ireland Water under the NIW Framework have placed orders for some ELIQUO HYDROK patented wedge wire CSO screens through BSG Civil Engineering, who are set to install a MecMex, a mechanical CSO screen with lifting system, at Brompton Road and a Letterbox Screen at Islandreagh. Plus, installations of Peak Screens for GRAHAM scheduled for Ballyronan and Castleroe. All CSO screens are designed, manufactured and installed as required by ELIQUO HYDROK with hundreds installed throughout the UK and Ireland.

MecMex CSO screen in a concrete chamber
MecMex Installation

Debbie Taylor the ELIQUO HYDROK Area Manager for Ireland said “It is good to be working so close with the Water Companies in Ireland, supplying our patented design and manufactured technologies from our extensive Wastewater Management Systems portfolio which has solutions for screening, flow control and tank flushing.”

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