ELIQUO HYDROK demonstrate their low P Schemes at Slade Hooton STW

ELIQUO HYDROK approached Severn Trent Water and NMC Nomenca to request a site visit at the Slade Hooton STW to demonstrate an ELIQUO HYDROK Mecana Filter installation to Yorkshire Water and their supply chain.

Severn Trent Water and NMC Nomenca are leading the way with new low P schemes and Slade Hooton STW was selected as this is one of the first low P schemes with dual stream filters and single flash/Floc mixing chambers to be installed in the region.

Denys Wickens from Severn Trent with Simon Wilson & Chris Coleman from NMCNomenca hosted 15 individuals from Yorkshire Water and their supply chain partners. 

The Mecana Tertiary Filtration technology for low P removal, along with the manufacturing of the infrastructure and the installation of the plant, impressed the visiting delegation and supplied an insight into the highly efficient ELIQUO HYDROK - Mecana technology for the removal of phosphorus within the wastewater treatment process.

Comments from the attendees included:

  • “Great to see an ELIQUO HYDROK installation and learn from NMCN’s experience, many thanks for offering this support”.
  • “Many of the design issues we are facing have already been thought about and solved by NMCN”.
  • “The access steelwork was excellent quality and provided suitable access for operational and maintenance activities”.

For further information on P removal technology through tertiary filtration contact: Jason Howe, send email 01726 861900



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