ELIQUO HYDROK celebrates International Women in Engineering Day

Today is International Women in Engineering Day.

We are proud to have many skilled and experienced women engineers working for ELIQUO HYDROK.

Annmarie Hopkins is a Senior Process Engineer, she joined us the beginning of 2023, having worked in the water industry for over 30 years.
We spoke to Annmarie to find out more about her experience in engineering.
“I’ve always had a keen interest in science and chose to study Chemical Engineering at university. This led to a career in engineering, where I could do something practical that I also enjoyed.  
I worked as a Process Engineer after I graduated, understanding engineering in several different industries, and then started my career in the water industry.
Water treatment and the industry fascinates me as it impacts our lives every day. When my children were younger, they asked what would happen if there were no engineers doing the process design for water treatment. This motivated me to continue my career in water. Imagine if there were no companies like ELIQUO HYDROK, with dedicated engineers designing treatment processes for sewage treatment, it would be like returning to Victorian times!”

The path to becoming a woman engineer is now much easier. Annmarie agrees “one route into working as an engineer in the water industry is A Levels, followed by either an apprenticeship or an engineering degree. You don’t necessarily need to be academically-minded in order to get onto engineering courses. If you have a passion for science and engineering then you should pursue it!”

The theme for this year’s International Women in Engineering Day is ‘Make Safety Seen’.
~Annmarie clarifies “health and safety starts with the design, it’s not just about construction.”

“Health and Safety is an important lesson for engineers. I have to consider how easy something will be to use and operate when designing a plant, without having to monitor operations or make constant adjustments. Good engineers can design something that works safely and is robust, without using the most expensive materials.”



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