Eliquo Hydrok awarded Truro, Newham WwTW Nereda installation

As a sub-contractor to Balfour Beatty, Eliquo Hydrok has been awarded the installation of the internal pipework for the new Nereda®system for South West Water at the Newham WwTW works in Truro, Cornwall, which serves 27,000 population equivalent.

Nereda®is a wastewater treatment technology that treats wastewater using Royal HaskoningDHV’s patented  aerobic granular activated sludge process.The Nereda®technology typically requires only a quarter of the area of conventional activated sludge plant, its low energy costs also make it a more sustainable solution to deliver high quality effluent.

Nereda technology has been successfully applied at full-scale, with over 65 references worldwide. Nereda technology is a sustainable and cost-effective biological wastewater treatment technology.  In Nereda installations, bacteria in the wastewater is selectively managed in a way that not only treats the water but promotes the natural formation of sludge granules that sink quickly, and achieve greater throughput than a traditional treatment process, without the use of chemicals. All the biological treatment processes take place simultaneously within those granules. To learn more about the Nereda®systems visit:

The package awarded to Eliquo Hydrok covers the complete Aeration system utilising, Aerostrip Q-Type Diffusers; which exceeds the efficiency requirements of the process whilst better suiting the space constraints of the reactor internals; Aerzen Blowers and Eliquo Hydrok in-house fabricated stainless steel pipework.

Aeration diffusers

 In addition to the aeration element the Eliquo Hydrok scope extends to encompasses all the mechanical internals.All components will be supplied as DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly), being designed and fabricated off-site then delivered and installed in a short on-site programme; less than 15% of overall activities being on-site.

 Lewis O’Brien, Technical Director at Eliquo Hydrok, said, “The award of this project working with Balfour Beatty, is the first for Eliquo Hydrok where the RHDHV Nereda®system and Aquaconsult Aerostrip diffusers are to be combined, following on from the success of other projects outside of the UK of combining the two technologies. We anticipate there will be more of this adoption of combined technology and we are already in talks with other UK Water Companies and their contractors.” 

 Eliquo Hydrok was awarded the project in October 2018, with plans to be on-site May to July 2019.

 For further information on the Eliquo Hydrok and Nereda®solution contact Lewis O’Brien, send email or Sam McDonald, send email






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