MecMex Screens™

Self-cleaning, mechanical, CSO screens

During times of rainfall the sewerage systems within our networks become overwhelmed with combined sewage and rain water. In order to prevent the flooding of these sewers, overflow weirs allow discharge at strategic points within the system into the water course. These receiving waters are protected through the installation of Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Screens. These screens are designed to prevent sewage debris from passing over the weir, retaining it within the sewer.

The ELIQUO HYDROK MecMex mechanically cleaned storm overflow screen, has been developed to be located into CSO applications to retain all solids greater that 6mm x 6mm in two dimensions within the sewer network.

Mechanical Self-cleaning CSO screens

In summary

  • Up to 1500 l/s per unit
  • Screens effectively to 6mm x 6mm in two dimensions
  • New Build or Retrofit
  • Single or double Sided Weirs
  • Close Coupled Electrical Drive
  • Hydraulic Drive
  • Lifting System available
  • Package CSO option
  • Complete Internal CSO with channels
  • Design, Supply & Install Option
  • Wigan Tested - Average SRV 34%
  • Can be designed and provided with a complete control centre package

MecMex CSO screens

Mechanical CSO screens for retrofit, new installations or bespoke stainless steel chambers.