MecMex™ Lifting Systems

Eliminates the need to go underground

The ELIQUO HYDROK MecMex lifting system is designed to eliminate the need for operation and maintenance teams to enter hazardous underground areas to carry out routine inspection of HYDROK MecMex CSO screens.

The design was developed during consideration of the Construction Design Management (CDM) regulations regarding the health and safety issues of working underground.

How it works

The traditional installation of the MecMex CSO screen requires the screen to be bolted to the walls of the chamber which in turn requires entry into the chamber for any routine inspection of the screen. The ELIQUO HYDROK solution replaces the bolted support plates with a guide rail system. This allows the whole MecMex to be raised out of the chamber via the system's unique lifting beam in conjunction with a mechanised or manual lifting rig.

The lifting beam is guided into the chamber via guide rails and located onto the screen body where specially designed lifting clamps automatically locate onto dowels fitted to the screen.

Once the connection is secure the beam can be raised using the lifting rig with the screen attached and guided up the guide rail system via roller boxes fitted to the end plates. When the screen is above ground any inspection of the screen and the sewer below can be carried out by a suitably qualified engineer. With the work completed, the screen is lowered back into position by reversing the lifting procedure. When the MecMex is relocated back into position the clamps are released from the dowels using the cable release system and the beam safely lifted away from the MecMex and removed from the chamber to be returned to storage.

In summary

  • Eliminates the need for operator entry into the chamber
  • Complies with CDM guidelines
  • Robust, stainless steel design

MecMex Lifting

Safe raising and lowering of the MecMex CSO screen