Maintenance & Service

Asset Life Optimisation

The knowledge, skills and experience to work within the wastewater treatment process industry places ELIQUO HYDROK in the perfect position to help Water Companies optimise the efficiency and life expectancy of their existing process treatment plants. Following the plants OM guidelines for all operational procedures is the obvious first stage to maintain optimal performance, however inevitably time has an effect and remedial action is required to ensure the treatment works are operating at their best.

ELIQUO HYDROK can provide complete managed solutions to various process upgrades, asset refurbishment, planned and reactive maintenance as well as asset optimisation. Acting either as principal contractor, or in a subcontractor capacity, this kind of work requires a knowledgeable cleaning of the asset sympathetic to the fitted technology, an understanding of the operational functionality and with care and due diligence for the whole project.

Well maintained assets have demonstrable payback through reduced energy usage, reduced reactive maintenance costs and offer greater consent compliance security.

Tank cleaning, refurbishment, upgrades and operational maintenance for WwTW sites

Asset Refurbishment

Scope of the service

  • Tank and lane cleaning
  • Full or partial refurbishment
  • Process equipment relocation
  • Acid dosing
  • Diffuser replacement programmes
  • Pipework and manifold replacement

Planned & Reactive Maintenance


  • Helps to extend Asset life
  • Prevent unplanned outages
  • Helps to ensure consent compliance
  • Fully managed PPM service available
  • Rapid availability of spare parts minimises downtime