Letterbox Screens™

Static CSO Screens

During times of rainfall the sewerage systems within our networks become overwhelmed with combined sewage and rain water which can cause particular problems within pumping stations. In order to prevent the flooding within the pumping station an overflow weir should be fitted to allow discharge into the water course. These receiving waters are protected through the installation of Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Screens. These screens are designed to prevent sewage debris from passing over the weir, retaining it within the pumping station.

The ELIQUO HYDROK Letterbox Screen is designed for use in confined spaces where larger CSOs are not suitable and are a standard modular panel size which can be replicated to suit flow requirement - all are a standard 505mm wide by 1000mm modular unit. The Letterbox Screen is suitable for rectangular or circular chambers and is delivered as a self-assembly flat pack for self-installation or the ELIQUO HYDROK engineering team could complete the installation as required.

Small static CSO screens

In summary

  • New build or retrofit
  • Full design service for each application
  • 50 l/s/m²
  • Complete with all fixings
  • Standard panels for ease of design
  • 304st/st standard, 316st/st optional
  • Flat packed for self-assembly and installation

Letterbox Screens

Suitable for round or rectangular CSO chambers