HyER Diffuser Liftout Grids

Hire the ELIQUO HYDROK Emergency Recover Liftout Grids

The ELIQUO HYDROK HyER Liftout Diffuser Grids are specifically designed for rental to help in emergency situations where an existing plant problem requires a rapid aeration solution. This could be in the form of operational overload during seasonal peak periods, during planned maintenance activities or where extended plant capacity is needed.

The HyER Diffuser Liftout Grids enables the rapid delivery of high efficiency oxygen transfer into treatment plants and water courses, helping to tackle and prevent pollution incidents. HYDROK HyER Diffuser Liftout Grids offer the same high efficiency fine bubble diffused aeration as in are standard plant installations and are as robust a construction as our permanent installations; with the added flexibility of individual diffuser connections and dedicated connection manifolds.

Temporary diffuser grids for hire


The HYDROK HyER Diffuser Liftout Grids are available in a range of standard sizes and are available at short notice to suit the aeration requirements and space restrictions. Multiple units can be combined as needed and may be leased individually with a suitable blower, or can be supplied to feed from an existing on-site air supply - offering a totally flexible solution to suit any application.

Ideal for emergency aeration requirements.


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