Flow Control Regulators

With increasing demands upon the control of flows within water systems the modern mechanical flow control regulators are now required to provide increasingly accurate and reliable operation.

The HydroSlide flow regulator provides a proven cost effective technique for regulating flows from as little as 2 litres/s. The float activated mechanism of the HydroSlide is designed to maintain a constant discharge without the use of external energy sources and reduce the cost of storm water storage.

The family of HydroSlide flow regulators accurately control discharge flows to +/- 5% throughout the impounding head range enabling, optimum discharge of the storage system. This reduces the volume of storage over most other types of control. It also reduces the footprint of the required storage to a minimum and saving on land and construction costs. HydroSlides can be configured to provide varying 'stepped' flow rates to cater for discharge from increasing storm return flow outputs, further optimising tank design.

In summary

  • Sewer flow control
  • Surface water flow control within SUDS systems
  • Controlled discharge of storm retention tanks
  • Flow control in to sewage treatment works
  • Prevention of downstream flooding
  • Utilisation of the upstream storage volumes within the sewer network
  • Available within the Micro Drainage software


Mechanical, non-powered flow regulators