HydroSelf® Round

Round tank flushing system

With increasing demands upon sewerage networks to attenuate and provide storage capacity for storm water flows, water companies are required to invest into new and existing storage systems. All such systems encourage the settlement of solids and sediments which can lead to operational problems and high maintenance costs.

The HydroSelf Circular tank cleansing system provides a cost effective solution for the removal of sedimentation from the tank floor by the use of a radial flushing technique.

In summary

  • Cleans ecologically, without external power, without external water supply and without complicated controls
  • Flushes even after partial fillings
  • Manual/Automated operation
  • Suitable for retrofit
  • Reference sites throughout Europe
  • Can be designed and provided with a complete control centre package

HydroSelf Round

Sewer flushing system for circular tanks