Management of sewer networks

There are many sewers within each network that have very shallow gradients. These frequently are prior to a Sewage Treatment works as the main trunk sewer follows the grade of a shallow river basin. These sewers encourage the settlement of solids and sediments which can lead to reduced hydraulic capacity, frequent operational problems and high maintenance costs. This system can also be utilised on Watercourse situations where culverts require regular flushing or where water is required to be impounded upstream for a period of time.

The HydroGuard flushing system is a highly effective cleaning system for large rectangular or circular storm water sewer systems.

In summary

  • Cleans ecologically, without external power, without external water supply and without complicated controls
  • Flushes at pre-determined levels
  • Automated operation
  • Prevents sediment deposition within sewers and shock loading to STWs due to 'first flush'
  • Suitable for retrofit
  • Reference sites throughout UK and Europe
  • HydroGuard may be used to flush wastewater on line attenuation sewers/tanks, large sewers


Management of large sewers, sewer sections and whole sewer networks