Hire the HY-SAF

The ELIQUO HYDROK Hybrid Submerged Aerated Filter (HY-SAF) offers a power efficient, robust, small footprint biological wastewater treatment solution individually designed to achieve the final effluent consent standard required.

HY-SAF package treatment works are suitable for treating municipal wastewater for 100-3,000 PE (Population Equivalent) and industrial effluents - offering a complete turnkey package. The standard HY-SAF stainless steel tank measures nominally 3m x 4m, offering a hire solution for up to 300 PE (population equivalent), additional units can be combined to increase the overall potential capacity. It incorporates the ELIQUO HYDROK IFAS (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) technology of high efficient fine bubble diffusers combined with fixed bed media curtains.

(An additional UV/Ultrasound disinfection can also be included in the outlet pipe should this be required.)

Package treatment plant hire


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