Flushing Gates - KS

Flushing systems for tanks and sewers

With increasing demands upon sewerage networks to attenuate and provide storage capacity for storm water flows, water companies are required to invest into new and existing storage systems. All such systems encourage the settlement of solids and sediments which can lead to further operational problems and high maintenance costs.

An established method of surge cleaning is using the technology of flushing gates. With the KS Flushing Gate systems, control can either take place electronically or by using float technology. The flushing chamber is filled whenever water is in the tank or sewer. As soon as the tank is empty, the flushing gates will open automatically and the flushing wave enters the sewer or tank with a very high sweeping force.

The KS flushing system is a highly effective cleaning system for rectangular or circular storm water retention tanks and storage sewer systems.


Flushing Gates – tanks & sewers

In summary

  • Continuous and constant flow regulation using stored water from the tank
  • Efficient cleaning with a water head of up to 3m
  • Exact flow control, even with surcharging backwater
  • Simple flow rate change
  • Terminals to remote control system included
  • Can be installed on upstream or downstream
  • Locking technology with fast gate opening and dampening closing function
  • Double acting hydraulic locking and opening system for positive operation
  • Easy to retrofit in existing tanks and shafts
  • Can be designed and provided with a complete control centre package

Flushing Gates - KS

Sewer flushing system for rectangular tanks and channels