Flow Control & Flood Alleviation

Flow Control

The control and storage of the water flowing through rivers and spillways is becoming an increasingly important challenge for engineers within the UK river water management systems. By utilising good engineering practice and proven control solutions these challenges may be overcome and flooding from the water source controlled to prevent damage to property and other assets.

The products within this section of the ELIQUO HYDROK portfolio can assist in these areas. The ALPHEUS family of flow control units along with the ActuSlide, are designed to accurately and reliably control water flows throughout an impounding upstream head range enabling accurate control of discharge rates and possible reduction of storage volumes. Underutilised storage within the water system can also be activated using solutions particularly developed to increase storage, whilst reducing the need for further investment into new build storage reservoirs.

Where flooding is likely, ELIQUO HYDROK can supply an effective StopLogs solution ideally suited to large scale threats to municipal and industrial surface water problems.