Flood Protection

SuDS Flood Protection

Methods to reduce disruption and damage caused through flooding have significantly changed over the past few years from a worldwide strategy of flood defence to one of flood risk management.

Where appropriate, the use of flood defences and flood protection are included within Flood risk management solutions which also recognise 'managed flooding' as essential to meeting goals for biodiversity and to sustain good ecological status in river and coastal systems.

With the advancement of climate change, communities shall become increasingly resilient to river and coastal flooding through the development of strategies to reduce negative impacts of flooding. These strategies may include the installation of flood protection solutions designed and installed to protect property and the environment.
Eliquo Hydrok is committed to a development program of engineered flood protection solutions for private and commercial applications. Over recent years the Hydrok portfolio of water control technologies has developed into a range of solutions which may be used as stand-alone or combined to help achieve the required protection, storage and flow regulation of storm water flows.

The StopLog and HydroGuard systems are examples of solutions installed within potential flood prone areas in readiness to divert water flows away from exposed areas.

Products include