ELODRY® is our low temperature sewage sludge belt dryer, which is highly energy-efficient and completely safe. ELIQUO manufactures the dryer in Germany from quality stainless steel with a small footprint and modular design.

Unique Benefits

CO2 savings through reduced transport

Mono-incineration in sewage sludge disposal makes sewage sludge drying indispensable as an intermediate step. There is increasing interest in decentralized solutions. By drying sewage sludge, the water is removed from the dewatered sewage sludge and the mass is reduced by 70% to 80%. Accordingly, the need for transportation is reduced and CO2 is saved.

Low energy requirement

Sewage sludge drying requires both thermal and electrical energy, which is rare in sewage treatment plants. With ELODRY®, the required energy can be reduced through an efficient heat recovery system. The fresh air required by the dryer is preheated using the exhaust air from the dryer. This mode of operation results in a specific heat demand of just 750 kWhth per tonne of evaporated water. The specific electrical energy requirement is less than 50 kWhel per ton.

High quality for operational safety - made in Germany

The safety of your company is our top priority. Ex-free-area operation is guaranteed thanks to advanced safety functions with temperature and particle sensors. In addition, our low-temperature belt dryer is equipped with a built-in sprinkler system. Our besproke dryer is made of high-quality stainless steel at our production facilities in the Black Forest, in Germany. The dryers are manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring safe operation in your sewage treatment plant.

Compact and modular design

The installation of ELODRY® is geared to the special on-site challenges of sewage treatment plants. Due to its compact construction and the modular design, the space required for the installation of the system is extremely small.

Further reduction of the CO2 footprint through optional carbonization and combination of ELODRY® with PYREG®

PYREG®, a technology for the carbonization of sewage sludge, eliminates the pollutants contained in sludge, such as hormones, germs, drug residues and microplastics through thermal treatment. The result is a carbonate that contains chemically stable carbon and plant-available phosphorus. Due to the CO2 sequestration, carbonation achieves an even smaller CO2 footprint than conventional combustion. The combination of ELODRY® and PYREG® are ideally matched in operation. The exhaust air from the PYREG® reactor generates waste heat, which covers most of the energy requirements of the ELODRY® system. With the combined installation of both systems, you achieve operating savings and an optimal CO2 balance for your entire system.

See how it works

  • The dewatered sludge is directly fed into the ELODRY® dryer (1) – in most cases, intermediate storage is not required.
  • In the ELODRY® belt dryer the granular sludge is distributed evenly onto the dryer's upper belt by a distribution screw (2). The upper belt (3a) moves the sludge forward from the head of the dryer to the dryer’s end, where it is moved onto the lower belt (3b). From the lower belt, the sludge is returned to the discharge screw conveyor (4) and discharged via the rotary valve (5).
  • The drying of the sludge is performed using hot air, which is supplied by circulating air (6) fans and heated to the desired temperature by heat exchangers (7). The fresh air supplied to the dryer is pre-heated by means of heat recovery (8) from the exhaust air and then added to the circulation flow.
  • Dry material measurement allows automatic adjustment of the drying process depending on fluctuating dry-residue-contents in the sludge supply. The result is an even dried sludge.
  • The dryer is operated in slight vacuum to prevent fugitive emissions. The exhaust air is fed into the exhaust air treatment.
Operating principle of the ELODRY® low-temperature belt dryer

Benefits of ELODRY ®

ELODRY® offers reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective drying at your WWTP. Such as:


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