Diffuser Liftout Grids

Flexible, removable system for diffuser operation

The ELIQUO HYDROK Liftout Diffuser Grids are specifically designed to allow the operator to remove and maintain the Aquaconsult AEROSTRIP® diffusers without the costly need to drain the aeration tank.

The Diffuser Liftout grids are advantageous to sites that have one, two or three tanks as it allows the operational capacity of the plant to be completely maintained whilst the liftout grids are being removed.

Removal and maintenance for diffusers

How they work

In most circumstances, the ELIQUO HYDROK unique guiderail system allows the liftout grids to be installed and commissioned without the need to drain the tanks. The liftout grids are particularly suitable for retrofit applications as all the necessary installation work can be completed externally with the liftout grids lowered into place, brought online and commissioned.

For optimum site performance and plant flexibility, the ELIQUO HYDROK Liftout Diffuser Grids can be designed to also incorporate the Biotextil Cleartec® biomass fixed bed system within the frame (IFAS).

There is also a range of liftout grids that can be hired out on short or long term. These are generally used on sites that have temporary or emergency aeration requirements.

In summary

  • Can easily be installed in minutes without draining the tank
  • Operational capacity of the plant is maintained
  • Total plant flexibility
  • Unique guiderail system
  • Eliminates costly tank drain down
  • Eliminates confined space man entry for maintenance
  • Suitable for both new and retrofit plants
  • Can be combined with Biotextil Cleartec biomass fixed bed system (IFAS)

Liftout Grids

Applications for new plants and retrofit in full or drained tanks