CWF 'Flushing Bell'

Self-regulating storm tank flushing

  • The ELIQUO HYDROK CWF Storm Flush storm tank cleansing system, also referred to as the HYDROK 'Flushing Bell', provides a cost effective solution for the removal of sedimentation by the use of automatic, self-regulated flushing technology.
  • The CWF Storm Flush system is a highly effective non-powered cleaning system for all storm water retention tanks, rectangular or round, utilising the sewage storm water for the flushing process thus requiring no additional fresh water.
Storm Flushing – self-regulating CWF
Storm Flushing – self-regulating CWF

Operating principle

The CWF Storm Flush is a simple method for sediment removal. Storm water is held in reserve in the storage reservoir, filled during the tank filling process. At the end of a storm event and after the system has emptied, the retained flushing water is released via the vacuum break within the flushing vessel. This creates a RFP (Roughing, Fine and Polishing) staged flushing regime which mixes and carries the sediment from the base of the tank to the receiving sump.

The ELIQUO HYDROK CWF Storm Flush - Patent applied for: GB1020686.0

In summary

  • Cleans ecologically, without external power, without external water supply and without controls
  • Flushes even after partial fillings
  • Fully self priming and flushing operation
  • Suitable for new tank and existing tank retrofit
  • Suitable for both open and below ground installations
  • No moving parts
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Any shape tank
  • Utilises storm water for the flushing process
  • Retains total volume of storm tank
  • Final flush polishing stage utilizes settled storm water
  • Synchronised flushing of multi-unit installations within larger tanks

CWF Storm Flush

Self-regulated non-powered sewer tank flushing technology