Clean Water Management

Raw Water Control.Effective management and screening of raw water input into the water network systems.

ELIQUO HYDROK has a range of products in the portfolio of solutions available to engineers within the UK clean water industry. ELIQUO HYDROK's heritage as a key supplier to the water industry has positioned the company firmly within the management of water within the networks particularly focusing on raw water intake screen technology derived from the vast experience gained over many years of working in the water screening market.

The future challenges facing water companies within the UK include stricter control of surface water flows and water intake quality plus the design of sustainable systems. In addition to bespoke design and manufacturing, ELIQUO HYDROK are proud to produce systems for flow control, flood alleviation, tank cleansing and sewer screening.

This section of our portfolio covers solutions for raw water intake screens and managing surface water flow within the water networks - for flow control and the alleviation and prevention of flooding - and for miscellaneous water control products.

Our expertise in Clean Water solutions