Channel Flushing Gate - CF

Continuous channel flushing

Throughout the UK there are many sewerage networks containing sewers in low lying areas where insufficient gradients cause siltation problems. This can lead to a loss of hydraulic capacity within the network, loss of performance of downstream treatment works or ancillary pumping stations.

Storm water catchment channels create sediments during storm events. If these long channel sections are not cleaned, the potential for blockages is increased and odour nuisance will occur due to septicity. The channel flushing gate is an ideal solution to solve this problem. Once a flushing is required, the gate will be operated electro-hydraulically in low position. The upstream channel water fills the channel behind the plate. Once filled, the gate will be opened and the flushing sequence starts automatically.

The CF Flushing Gate acts as a shield and uses impounded water to flush the downstream sewer automatically. During dry weather conditions the CF will impound the flow behind the shield, periodically releasing the flow as a flushing wave carrying sewer debris along the invert transporting it to the sewage treatment plant. In storm conditions the shield rises above the flow leaving the high flows to pass through unimpeded.


Continuous channel flushing - Biogest

In summary

  • Preventive maintenance of low gradient sewers
  • Environment-friendly cleaning without external power, fresh water or control technology
  • Functions constantly and independent from rainwater levels
  • Can be retrofitted into existing systems
  • No separate flushing chamber needed
  • Preventing sedimentation within the sewer during dry weather
  • Prevents shock loading on downstream Sewage Treatment Works where high siltation deposits occur in rainfall condition

Channel Flushing Gate - CF

Continuous channel flushing even under dry weather conditions