Blowers & Valves


Blowers will be selected according to site specific requirements and sized to suit the efficiencies offered by using the ultra fine bubble air diffusers.

The highly efficient Aquaconsult diffuser allows ELIQUO HYDROK to operate systems with lower air volumes than alternate solutions. This provides the opportunity to reduce blower sizes, saving both long term energy costs and capital cost.

Existing reference sites are operating with positive displacement tri-lobe designs, and with sophisticated centrifugal units that provide even greater opportunities for reduced energy requirements.


ELIQUO HYDROK has carried out extensive tests on a wide range of valves, and can select from a variety of approved products to optimise the performance of its aeration systems.

The particular characteristics of each type of valve are known, and valves are selected to maximise the efficiency of a design. In particular, the dynamics of a valve can have a marked effect on energy consumption, and also noise and heat. No single valve is suitable for all site applications, therefore the ELIQUO HYDROK design software and selection matrix is essential to ensure that the most appropriate and cost effective solution is recommended.