Flow Control Regulators, AT, AS and AA

With increasing demands upon the control of flows within water systems the modern mechanical flow control regulators are now required to provide increasingly accurate and reliable operation. Flow regulators have the task of restricting the pass forward flow from the storm water retention system to a pre-set value.

The ALPHEUS flow regulators are a proven cost effective technique for regulating flows from as little as 6 l/s form storm water and 2 l/s for surface water applications. The ALPHEUS regulators are designed with automatic blockage release, operating within either the dry or wet side of the control chamber, they can be retrofitted into existing chambers or supplied as a new stainless steel package chamber.

Dry or wet side flow control regulators


The ALPHEUS- AT flow control system has been designed for semidry or dry installation in the flow control shaft. In this case, the system operates independently without external energy. In dry weather, the water flows unhindered through the throttle. If the water level rises above a certain level during rain, the float will be activated and starts the precise regulation. An automatic regeneration system is integrated for blockages during flow regulation work.


The ALPHEUS - AS and AA flow control systems have been designed for a wet installation in the flow control shaft. Both systems work by means of a pressure bell housing which regulates the flow quantity using an interior float.

In summary

  • Sewer flow control
  • Surface water flow control within SuDS systems
  • Controlled discharge of storm retention tanks
  • Flow control into sewage treatment works
  • Prevention of downstream flooding
  • Utilisation of the upstream storage volumes within the sewer network
  • Available as stainless steel package plants
  • Available within the Micro Drainage software


The universal flow regulators for constant flows - wet or semi-dry installations