Fresh Water Aeration

Ultra-Fine Bubble Diffusers

The ELIQUO HYDROK diffuser range of ultra-fine bubble diffusers transfer oxygen more effectively than any other type. They are a perfect solution for clean water oxygenation applications for use in rivers, reservoirs, lagoons and ponds where oxygen levels need boosting to maintain aquatic conditions. This efficiency allows the designers at ELIQUO HYDROK to reduce blower sizes, reduce air supply diameters, and make savings on valves and other hardware.

Energy efficiencies in the range 40% over existing systems are being provided due to the very fine bubble that is generated - this presents a greater surface area for any given volume of air to the flow compared to any other system. Increased efficiency is also provided due to the general arrangement of the diffusers and the fact that they are sited directly on to the river bed; this increases contact time, and the curtain effect of the bubble pattern avoids dead areas.

In summary

  • Flat design, allowing the ‘AEROSTRIP®’ to be fastened directly to the floor of the river bed, lake or reservoir
  • Capable of intermittent operation allowing for both nitrification and de-nitrification
  • Water flow created by a mixer is not hindered by the diffusers, unlike a dome design
  • No precipitations can occur underneath the diffusers
  • Oxygen transfer efficiency up to 60%
  • Aeration efficiency 3 to 5 kg O2/kWh
  • 0 to 100% control of air flow range
  • Non-clogging diffuser membrane
  • Low maintenance requirements and costs
  • Extended operational life expectancy

Clean Water Aeration Diffusers

A flexible, adaptable installation system.