Powered flow control discharge regulator for 5-3,500 L/s

The ActuSlide is an electronically controlled actuator flow control device, designed to accurately regulate the flow from a chamber into a receiving channel/water system. The ActuSlide system designed by the Eliquo Hydrok design team works in conjunction with ALPHEUS actuator drive systems and eliminates the need for operation and maintenance teams to enter hazardous underground areas and emerged after consideration of the Construction Design Management (CDM) regulations regarding the health and safety issues of working underground.Conventional electric flow regulator systems require expensive flow measuring with large shaft constructions and would normally be controlling a standard penstock opening.

This system eliminates the need for operation and maintenance teams to enter hazardous underground by enabling removal for inspection and maintenance of the actuator drive motor from ground level.


Electronically controlled flow regulators

Operating principle

The ActuSlide orifice incorporates the same technology used for the ALPHEUS variable orificeflow regulator. This ensures a discharge accuracy of better than ±5% throughout the impounding head range. Sensors in the network determine the water levels within the retained flow, controlling the variable orifice to maintain the design output flow.


In summary

  • Continuous and constant flow regulation
  • Blockage recognition and clearance
  • Exact flow control, even with surcharging backwater
  • Simple flow rate change
  • Terminals to remote control system included
  • Can be installed on upstream or downstream
  • Rigid, stainless steel
  • Low equipment costs
  • Easy to retrofit in existing tanks and shafts
  • Inexpensive installation with instruction
  • Flow measurement downstream as an option


Can be designed and provided with a complete control centre package